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Mini BN Strawberry x 5, 175g

Mini BN Strawberry x 5, 175g


Ingredients: Cereals (45.2%) (WHEAT flour (45%), RYE flour) - glucose-fructose syrup - sugar - vegetable fat (palm, rapeseed) \u2013 stabilizers: glycerol, sorbitol \u2013 concentrated strawberry pulp (strawberry equivalent 2%) \u2013 LACTOSERUM permeate powder (MILK) - acidity regulators: citric acid, sodium citrates - salt - baking powders: sodium carbonates and ammonium \u2013 flavour \u2013 gelling flavour: pectins \u2013 dye: beet red \u2013 emulsifier: E 472 e. \nMay contain traces of NUTS.

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